Hyderabad Marathon and memoirs of Rakhi

Thanks to Chennai Runners (they are on my google reader) I realized that the Hyderabad Marathon for this year is on 30th of August – that’s like three weeks from now. Guess what – I registered for a half marathon and also booked my return flight tickets immediately. Wow! This is going to be my first Half Marathon and I am excited about it. So far, I have never run more than 15k in one go (a half marathon is 21.09K) – so let’s hope things go well in the last weekend of August. It would also be nice to catch up with sis once again – she is staying there, looking for a job, which insha alla she should soon get.

Sis reminds me of Rakhi (the festival) which was yesterday. She had gifted me a Rakhi in Shillong on our last day there and I had gifter her a red coloured Nokia in return. I committed two blunders this Rakhi – 1. I tied the string a day before the actual day (forgot the date – oops :P) 2. I tied the string on my left hand (realized it only when I saw my client’s right hand full of rakhi’s yesterday). So now you know how good a brother I am! 😛

PS: client’s right hand full of rakhi’s sounds so shady ( :P) – sorry Sawant if I hurt you!

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All the Best for Half Marathon,,, and as far as Rakhi is concerned ….Ms. Sawant I mean; I think she would have a mention on almost every blog post related to Rakhi… I did it too…

Hopefully from now on you would remember which hand to tie it on 😛

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