Death, truth, Kaminey and marathon

Yesterday, one of my bro’s classmate’s family was shot dead in Orissa. The classamate was shot too but he is not dead yet. He struggles for his life in some hospital in Bhubaneswar as I write this. If you think this is sad, let me tell you what is worse – his dad killed the family and then shot himself. That kind of thing is scary. That kind of thing is even more scary when you realize that the dad was not some lunatic (at least until he commited the crime) but an IAS officer! Holy fucking shit! I so hope the kid survives. But if he does, how would he ever be able to move on?

During my Meghalaya trip last month, I took a flight to Kolkata both for the onwards and the return journey. During both times, the aircraft shook like shit while cutting through the clouds. It vibrated and jerked more than the usual. On both occasions, I really didn’t mind the flight crashing down though I felt bad that if that happened, others might also die. Why do I have to try so hard to look for a reason to live everyday that the mere prospect of an accidental death makes me desire for it. And believe me, there wasn’t even a hint of depression when I was in the flight, nor is there any eeriness even now as I write this. I just thought I would share this little discovery to see if there are others who too aren’t too serious about life in their day to day life.

Sach Ka Saamna is awesome. I like the way they bare all that they can on the show. Pretty kickass. Since they show it at 10 pm, I have never seen it on TV. I checked out some episodes on YouTube yesterday and today. I was impressed. I wonder how the guys behind the screen manage to dig the hit-the-nail questions – there obviously is a studd research team that digs all the dirt from a contestant’s family, friends and more especially – from his / her neighbours! It’s incredible that in the orginal – Moment of Truth – no one has so far been able to crack the jackpot! Someone bring on Raja Harishchandra please. What do I think of myself? I think I will straight away crack the 1 crore man. In fact, I think it’s easier for any bachelor to go for the kill. No wonder, they only catch people who have either wives, kids or the like – such wo/men have a life that can be ruined. But what do I have? LOL! They would never call someone like me on the show. Sigh!

The beauty of Dhan Te Nan is that the since the entire song is in the C scale, when I play it on my mouthorgan, I hardly have to use the changer! No wonder, I am loving blowing this song. Seen Shahid’s baady in the movie – pretty sexy no? I am so glad I would look like that soon (like in a year may be 😛 ). A long period of dormancy had insued in the running gymming routine since a few days prior to the Meghalaya trip. Finally, I was able to get up early enough to hit the gym today – so August looks healthy. I am looking forward to run in the Kaveri Half marathon in September. I would have loved to participate in the Mumbai marathon too (in Jan 2010) but I figured out last week to my horror that the half marathon registration was already over. Marathon registration was still on when I last checked up the site but I don’t think I would be ready for 40+ kilometers by Januaray.

Okies dokies, enough of update shupdate. Go phodo some gullak fullak till I return.

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Omg yeah! The news about our classmate shook me pretty bad given that I knew him since 11th std. Very very scary. Such things are usually about people we dont know. And when it happens to someone we do, it is very freakingly scary!

Reality shows continue to repel me. Both the english and hindi versions. Sach ka saamna seems good from whatever i have heard but no motivation to watch it remains. I might catch the juicy bits of truth emanating from one of the more controversial people and their answers.

Kaminey songs are amazing. No idea about the major-shajor and the mouth organ but I am so hooked to that “Pehli baar mohabbat” song…so real so nice. Makes u feel warm inside.
🙂’s pretty much the things you had told me when we had our chat..

I want to watch kaminey too.Want to watch sahid in a different role.and dhan te nan is awesome..has been on my lips evr since i ve heard.

How’s the kid doing?

It’s really sad, that thing about the kid. And I’m curious…was there a reason why the man shot his entire family? Just wondering what could’ve driven him to such a moment of insanity…one he can’t reverse. It’s quite disturbing actually, despite the many bad things I get to hear about on a regular basis.

Prima Facie, the dad lost his mental balance (as per today’s ToI). Final investigation results are yet to be out but initial investigation suggests the following: a junior from the dad’s department had recently confessed in court that the junior had accepted bribes and shared them with his boss – i.e. with the dad. Thereafter, the dad took a three months leave (or may be, he was asked to take three months leave) and he came to his village in Orissa. He also seems to have purchased a pistol and ammunition in Bhubaneswar. What ToI suggests is that, the fear of truth about corruption being revealed soon, made him lose his balance and at 2 in the night he shot his father, his sisters, his wife and his son. Sad. Very very sad.

Let’s just hope Swapnesh survives and then he is able to move on.

Thats a sad situation, wonder what drove the man to this? Rakhi is getting married today and I am all excited, sach ka samna seems pointless to me as in what are they trying to prove? why do ppl want to dig out skeletons out of their cupboards in public? guess washing dirty linen in public really sells!! The name kaminey for a film is outrageous to have no wish to watch it..what else is happening? I have no fear of death but do not really wish for it ardently either..but am shit scared of suffering!

1. About sadness of situation – agree
2. Rakhi – don’t give a shit (neither should you 😛 )
3. Sach ka Saamna – let’s face the truth – you do LIKE it in a naughty sort of way 😀
4. Kaminey – don’t go by names :mrgreen:
5. What else happening – LOL, I thought I blog about everything worth happening in my life! 😈
6. You are a mom – you better LIVE!

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