Header: June 2009

Shot by Neelabh at Pangong Lake – Ladakh in May 2009

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LOL! I don’t think I was singing any song. But now that I look at this pic, it does look like I was. 🙂

I don’t really want people to comment on the picture – (not that I mind it if someone does :P). I put up headers as a separate post just so as to keep track of all my headers (which I keep changing at such a fast rate). That’s all about it. 🙂

ha ha ha! I was waiting for someone to notice that! 😛 I don’t buy or have too many clothes / kurtas. That explains it. 🙂 Since I was in Ladakh for like 10 days, I used most of the informal clothes that I had! 🙂

u shud keep this.. n wear it everytime u go to ladhak
n then post a blog with pics from diff years
then u can see how u are changing… 😛
i used to fill a slam book myself every year to see how much i’ve chnaged during school.. shud have stuck to the habit.. it’s kinda fun.. u ll laugh at yourself

Ya ya ok ok – DDLJ or Muhabattein – not much difference – same old SRK with same ol faces with same old stammer and all that 😛

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