Shitoon 115: Aushitralia

Why is it that the ones who get beaten up really bad are all gults? I am curious!

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nice to hear from u.. cool blog btw πŸ˜€ kickass cartoons.. during gesmo dinner i was wondering those one liners of yours to have gone somewhere πŸ˜›
am in mumbai now.. will start working this 1st june in mudra advertising. how r u guys? those sunburns? πŸ˜›

Thanks dude – we look like normal human beings now. And do pass the link to the pics you took. Have a nice start in your professional life! Cheers! 😎

Hahaha. I noticed this too. What about the ones killed/attacked in USA…weirdly enough..all from gultland. I guess their huge numbers everywhere is the primary reason.

no they’re not. outside india, gujjus (patels) and sardars make up the majority. but they’ve already endured many years ago what the gults are going thru now

But why are gults being singled out? I mean I donÒ€ℒt think an Australian sees an Indian and figures out that easily if someone is a gujju, a surd or gult! Is it mere coincidence that gults get caught all the time in these racial attacks?

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