Videos, running and Gods

Tiwari is a darling. He finally put fight and got a replacement sim for my Chennai number. He is in Chennai. Tiwari has always been a darling. It will be so nice and all that to meet him after so many days – after our fun-filled bike-trip in the northern parts of India. That reminds me , I haven’t yet edited videos for the latter half of the trip. And now there are few videos from the Ladakh trip too – to add to the editing-obligations!  Oh, how could I forget the videos of the Sikkim trip? Shit man, there are just too many videos pending to be edited – just too many. May be I have been seeing too many places in too short a time! Actually I am πŸ˜›

I think its nice to shoot videos and edit them if you get to go on a vacation once every year or like once every two years. But if like me, you are touring places on a monthly basis, you just cannot keep pace with editing and all that. At least I cannot – in spite of all my love and passion for editing videos. I am happy I carry a camera these days. You shoot this and that and you are done – no editing-vediting – so much peace in life. When you return, you simpy upload them. So sweet – so simple! πŸ™‚ But dad is so biassed towards videos. Everytime I show him pictures of my vacations, he casually reminds me – ‘nice pictures – very good, very good. But nothing beats moving pictures – does it?’. What to tell him!

Trip to Ladakh had brought a break in running. Of course I could have run even there but I wanted to return alive, so I didn’t. After a gap of more than 20 days, I ran yesterday – 5K (in 27 minutes 30 seconds) and then again today – 7.5K (in 44 minutes and 5 seconds). Let me tell you something about today’s run.

I had no hurry. I started off at 9kph (mind you that I run on a tread-mill these days thanks to the annoying heat outside and so can keep track of the speed at all times). So I started off at 9kph and then I got bored in like 4 minutes. So I pushed off to 13kph which fucked the hell out of me by the time I touched 2k. So I cooled down to 9kph again and kept running at this slow pace till I reached 5k. I had warmed up enough so I tried to see if I could suddenly touch and sustain 13kph again – at least for a kilometer. Shit – I could! πŸ™‚ So from 5k-6k, the journey was all at 13kph and it was mind-blowing. It was a very strong run and I needed all the force in this world to do that – I could literally feel energy coming into me from everywhere – from Allah, from Prophet Muhammad, from Ganesha, from the Buddhist lamas, from within myself – from everywhere! That 1k seriously gave me a high, man and I felt so close to myself and could so easlily connect to the God that lies within my own soul – just like He lies inside everyon else’s soul. Today was a binary-run day. I ran at two speeds only – either 9 or 13. So the last one and a half kilometers of the 7.5k was again at 9 though in the last one minute I did hit it up to 14kph so as to wrap up the  run in 44 minutes – missed by 5 seconds! Phew!

Let’s see if I can crack 10k in an hour on Friday before I leave for Bangalore. Tomorrow is ressht and all that. Have a nice day everyone!

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90% of your posts are bout u running….give a break..u have legs and not wings…! πŸ˜›

if u had wings..den u cld hv written posts bout flying..
but everyone has legs ! and everyone runs (every now and then)

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