Shitoon 108: Photographers – 2

Alright I am ready. Now say Pleasseee, yeah perfect, just look to your right a little - awesome.

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You don’t have to do this to anyone. You have to wait with your camera at dangerous curve on one of the ghats till someone comes speeding up and meets an accident. That’s your moment! 😈

I would call it a Canon moment for my personal reasons though! 😛

I came upon this idea yesterday when I was reading Dev Anand’s autobiography where in one of the chapters he meets an accident while driving with Geeta Bali – his car hits a tree. I had read a blog post about a friend on her new camera and all that and suddenly the two things combined together to give this Shitoon a shape. Having said that, yes, when I was creating it, I did think of No Entry’s last scene, but more than that the one in Raju Chacha where Rishi Kapoor hangs for a while before falling off to die.

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