What YouTube told me

Your video, bike trip, may have audio content from On The Road Again by Willie Nelson that is owned or licensed by WMG.
As a result, your video has been muted.

I was so taken aback by the above message. It was thrown at me after I was done editing and uploading the first part of my bike trip video. More than taking me aback and all that, such a response (however ethical and proper it may have been) frustrated me. All of us need background scores when we make personal home-videos and all that.  The most common source for such music is the stock of the billion songs that we have on our comps and elsewhere. Now YouTube won’t even let us upload videos, without muting them, if we use a copyrighted track? Phew! This is a new thing.

I guess YouTube’s database for hindi songs is not yet updated for in spite of having so cleverly detected the ‘On the road again’ track, it clearly failed to pick up ‘Emosional Atyaachar’ (from DevD) that my bike trip video also had. So guess what, I am busy re-editing the video, replacing On the Road with country hindi tracks. What a waste.

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