Conversations with mom

‘First you say you won’t marry for another five years and now you say that you won’t marry to anyone from our caste! What is this drama? If you have already found someone then let us know about her than trying to fool around withe me’, so said the mom. She had called up yesterday evening to inquire about the reality of whatever bro had done in Goa that had invited a fine as high as 20k. I told her that if she really wanted to know the reality then she should rather call up his college than expect me to act as my parent’s inquiry commission. She only knew that such a fine had been imposed because bro had freaked out some time back, had called parents up and informed them. After I was over telling her that till she got any official letter from his collegeร‚ย  there was no point worrying, I gave her fresh reasons to worry – her plans for my marriage of course.

I told her that I was only making her job easier because earlier she had a small group at her disposal while now she had the entire world minus this small group where she could go hunting for a bride for her son. ‘At least in my case, you still have the option to choose. Look at bro or for that matter look at sis – they have already chosen their partners’, I said in an attempt to make it clear to dear mummy that things could have been bleaker, that it was good enough I wasn’t seeing anyone currently unlike my siblings. ‘But why such a decision at all? We all have been marrying people from within our caste for so long – so do others’, she had her genuine concerns but her if-everyone-does-it-we-should-do-it-too logic was too weak to sustain my social-reformist blows.

To be frank, mom’s not a hurdle at all – it’s him – daddy dear. What I did yesterday was, move the first step in the right direction. I was not even arguing with mom. I never have to argue with her – she is too sweet to argue and too easy to get on to your side. I was simply trying to get her on my side before she passes on my crazy plans to dad. It’s him who is going to be a hurdle, a Mount Everest to conquest. He sometimes even doesn’t listen to you. It would be interesting getting him on my side. But since I already have God on my side – I know I shall succeed, if not in five years,ร‚ย  then may be in ten years or may be fifty. When you are doing the right thing, you don’t even have to win – you are already a winner, right from the beginning. Only the rest of the world needs some time to acknowledge you as one.

Ah so yeah, I am not marrying nobody from my caste AND I am definitely not marrying nobody who says he would get converted to a female for me (even with a shaved ass-hole ๐Ÿ˜› ).

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@ ankit
i agree…someone help!!…

@ amrit
is sab ke baad koi apni caste waali pakad li na bhubaneswar mein tab aayega kahani mein twist…aur tab hum sab pakkad ki sirf pitenge tereko…phew!

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