The more intellectual you are…

Finally I went running – after like two weeks. Didn’t run much – just a quick sixy.

I think the more intellectual a living being is, more bored he or she gets with things. I mean look at dogs – what do they want in life? Food of course. That’s all they want (besides occasional sex of course) and they fight for it amongst themselves and keep doing it all their lives till they either die or are forced to die when they get rammed down by a moving vehicle. When they are owned by human beings, they fall in love with their owners. Have you not noticed how much your pet loves you – the way he wags his tail – the way his gem like eyes gleam when he sees you – the way he barks with all the affection that is there in this world to welcome you every time it senses your arrival? If you have ever had a pet, you must have noticed all of this – this love – this loyalty – this most-genuine-affection -  and what’s behind it all? Food sweetheart – plain simple food. Human beings so easily satisfy a dog’s most basic need in life that the only thing he is left with is to lick you and love you and chase away everyone that he feels is not a good person / animal / thing for you. So you see, dogs never ever gets bored of doing this job – never. They can’t think beyond food.

We insaans get bored of things. As fragile babies, food / milk on time makes us shut up every time we start howling in that high pitched fragile-baby-cry. Then as we grow into those bad-ass kids, we want this toy and that. As teenagers we move on to kisses and making out because we are too bored of  toys. When we take up a job, we get bored of it and we take up another job and then get bored of it as well and we keep on changing jobs till we get bored with changing jobs itself. The more intelligent we are, the more we hop – the quicker we get bored of things.

I guess this is the kind of post that comes out when you are yawning out your ass with no real work in office and when you are still cursing those street dogs who barked and chased you during the morning run. I am so bored and I so hate these street dogs!

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