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So finally I finished reading Nehru’s autobiography – some 630 pages types you know. I guess I completed reading the book just for sake of doing so. Gandhi’s autobiography was at least two times more interesting and intense than Nehru’s – if not more. I think you really have to be slightly maddish to write books like what Gandhi wrote. Nehru was too logical and too ordinary in many ways – and especially in thoughts – all the time. Gandhi was so much more funnier, weird and experimental. To be frank, there just ain’t any comparison. I don’t even know why I am comparing the two books here –  may be because Nehru’s book was so full of references to Gandhiji. Man, this dude Nehru got really annoyed with Gandhiji’s logic at so many point of times – I totally understand this though – Gandhiji was a very weird and out of the box thinker while Nehru was the conventional sane intellectual logical thinker and all that. I guess Gandhi was more like me – horny, mad, stubborn, follower of heart over brain kind of person. I guess I am biassed towards Gandhi.

Anyway, so the book that I am devouring now is a fairy-tailish stuff that goes by the name of BRISINGR. It’s like the third book in a series – about dragons, warier, magicians and all that. I haven’t seen the first two books but don’t really care much. For me this one is definitely a good break from the oh-so-serious Nehru.

More than books, what I am really doing these days is blowing and sucking. I am talking about mouth-organs you assholes. I picked the good old regular Tower Chromatic in Banaras and since then this old hobby is back to limelight of my boring life. Did you know how difficult it is to find non-regular mouth-organs in music-shops in India? I mean I could never find anything other than those 100-300 bucks stuff. At least I always went for a Chromatic (it has a changer to change notes) because you can’t really play all notes and all songs on those diatonic mouthorgans (they are the one without changers and cost little less – but thy produce kinda richer and more vibrating sound). Long long time ago, I once found a German made mouthorgan in some music shop in Mumbai and they told it would cost me 5 holy thousand. I didn’t ask dad to get it for me for a simple reason that it was a diatonic mouthorgan and what that meant was even after spending 5k I wouldn’t have been able to play all songs on that.

Finally, I am about to get an awesome Suzuki Chromatic – it’s like friggin costly though – 10 holy thousand bucks. Man, I am going to be so happy when I kiss that baby – waiting for it. Till then, let the Tower serve me. And this is to those who have any Chromatic – do play Masakkali on it, this song has so much of mouth-organ and when you play it, it sounds so cool and all that. I am so sure this song HAS to be any mouth-organist’s fav song of the season (lol – mouth-organist sounds so dirty!)

That’s pretty much for this post. Let me get back to some more blowing and stuff.

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“More than books, what I am really doing these days is blowing and sucking.” – I thought you usurped a sadhu baba’s charas pipe from benaras!

happy blowing! (wink wink)

The good thing is that I haven’t smoked after returning from Delhi. 🙂 So I have all the stamina left for running and blowing and all that! :mrgreen:

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