Bike Trip diary 1 – Delhi and Gwalior

Towards Delhi

Before rushing to the airport on Thursday evening, I took print outs of a million pages from Wikitravel. So when I was sitting on my window seat inside the aircraft, I had enough dope with me on all the big and small places that Tiwari and I intended to cover in our road trip that was about to begin. My spirit was bubbling and my chanchal mann was exited like hell. Inside the plane flying in the dark January sky, I was not sure how successful or unsuccessful this trip was going to be – but this was something worth giving a shot. I was ready.

Delhi and the journey to Gwalior

The city was cold – 18 degrees to be precise when I landed at nine in the night. Neelabh‘s flat mates cooked food while the lazy asshole sat on his ass and exhibited his extraordinary gaming skills. As he was fingering the Playstation console, Neelabh told me that next day – Friday morning, he would be leaving for some kind of car trip and all that himself, with his company folks. Later that night, he gave me minor fundays on his Bullet before I crashed off at his place.

Guess how I woke up the next morning – I heard Neelabh crying loudly on phone.  His trip had been canceled and he was cursing and crying at 5 or 6 in the morning. He then decided to join me, got himself a return ticket from Gwalior to Delhi for next day and soon both of us left for Gwalior. Thud thud thud – the sound of his Bullet Electra was electrifying. Man, I was happy. First of all I had company till Gwalior. And the amazing thing was that I had none other than Neelabh himself as company. We have been best friends for so long now and yet lived so far away from each other in different cities that every moment spent with him is just so much worth it. So yeah, we drove, smoked, crossed Mathura, had burgers at a roadside McD, reached Agra and finally after making our way through the Chambal Ghaati, the Chambal nadi and other such things Chambal, reached Gwalior after about eight hours of journey.

The next post in the series shall be about the marriage that I attended but that’s going to be a password protected post because it’s a very private thingy, if you understand what I mean. I guess less than 10 people shall get to read it – they may ask for it and I shall pass it to them – the pswd.


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Hey sorry Swat, but when I said less that 10 people – I meant folks who are really close – and not like first 10 folks who comment. Sorry but rest assured the real bike trip begins only post-marriage… 🙂

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