2008 – First timers in the year that was…

…in no particular order.

I acted in short films by budding movie-makers. I got my passport. I did professional plays – one in Bangalore and another one in Chennai. I went abroad. I had booze inside an air-craft. I visited Ahmadabad, Andaman, London, Leeds, Bhubaneswar, Lonavala and Nainital. I traveled in a train in somebody else’s name. I was asked to show my i-card when I was traveling in somebody else’s name. I played paint-ball. I saw corals inside sea.ย  I boozed with brother. I turned into a vegetarian. I passed out of IIT with two degrees. I cooked chawal, daal, roti and sabji. I started working as a consultant. I started living in my own flat in Chennai with my best friend (although for a short while). I got mom a washing machine. Shitoons got mention in three different newspapers in three different cities. A book whose cover I designed got published. I grew a six-pack. I shaved my chest and tummy and arm-pits. I ran more than 300 kilometers. I got my first suit stitched. I flew more number of times this year than I had done betweenย  my birth and 2007 end.ย  I donated money for flood-relief. I kissed and made out (with a girl).

…not bad.

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