Wanna work on a marketing campaign?

I think it is a decent challenge to make a nice print-ad which serves the following two objectives:

  • Illegal logging and deforestation threatens people, wildlife, our economies and our climate.
  • Buying FSC-certified products will help protect forests around the world.

I am talking about a competition, in which some of you might be interested. It’s just that the competition does not need merely a print Ad (or two) from you but also a well-defined marketing “approach” for consumer-awareness for FSC-certified products. You basically have to tell them how exactly they should go about telling the world  – in general through whatever means of marketing – internet / videos /  anything – that using  FSC-certified products saves the environment and all that stuff.

If this much of info interests anyone, do download the 6 pages PDF from the link given in the above paragraph and read up the details. I wouldn’t mind collaborating with someone to come up with some powerful approach and theme for these people and then may be a Print Ad or two based on the same. Let me know if you have some crazy ideas.

You have time till Jan 13 – 2009 and the winner shall get half of the total prize money of 10,000 dollars (the other half goes to runner ups).

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