Listen to this ass-hole

Forget about making out (not that I have made out with too many girls anyway)- it’s been long since I even flirted with anyone! Everyday makes me realize that I am missing romance. Badly. I can blame Bhubaneswar for that. But let me not do that. Let me have hopes even with this small city with a dead night life- hopes of someone beautiful walking once again into my life and adding few sparks. I am not as desperate for a kiss or other things physical as I am for just a simple delightful company of someone with eyes that when looked at make one feel good about everything in this world. I want to smile casually once again, looking at her lips move up and down, watching her hair slide and swing, as she narrates stories from her life, giggling once in a while.

But God please, don’t send any overweight girl again – please – that’s a sincere request. Look, I triedΒ  – and you know that – but let me just accept it now – fat girls are not my cupΒ  (or rather jar) of tea. Fat people are funny and cute and actually good people with nice soul and all that but they just don’t turn me on! This could be the meanest statement that I might have made in a while but this is as honest as I can get! There’s nothing wrong for a girl or a boy to have more weight than is needed –Β  it’s just me. I am an ass-hole and I confess it. But you do listen to ass-holes God, don’t you?

PS: I fear that ill-wishes from all the fat people who bother to read this post will ensure that I will soon suffer from obesity and will weigh more than Manuel Uribe when I die. But I can’t help it. Truth had to be told. And if you are a fat guy / girl and got deeply hurt – don’t be. Curse me for a while, hate me and then be happy carrying that extra fat on your body all your life.

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This is, i think, the second post about fat people.
So the question now is.. what/who is the inspiration for these fat-hate posts?? In fact, i’m getting the feeling Bhubaneswar is the fattest place in India!

hmm.. the post starting with making-out and ended on a totally different note…
chaa…what a disappointment..i was expecting some good stuff!

Lol, on one side u r devoid of anything romantic in your personal life and on the other u are being choosy about it! Haha, im seriously waiting to hear if God listens to this ass-hole. πŸ™‚

I will try my best to run away if possible. And if they chase me, the might lose some weight and then I would stop and yell back – “guys, look – you aint fat anymore!” :mrgreen:

LoL! Nothing wrong with Bhuv. Every time I get romantically senti I am reminded of.. well.. I don’t know how appropriate it is to talk about it here… but the let me say it anyway (assuming she doesn’t reads my shits) ..I end up thinking about my last relationship and then I realize that I was not born to like anyone with a pot-belly (I hate that bulky thing even on my own dad’ stomach).

Aww baby – sorry for having disappointed you. But what to do – I guess I am looking for a permanent girl friend and I really can’t afford to experiment too much this time.

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