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Marketing strategies of early 2007

Ran across this document which made me smile – they were the good old days before the advent of Vatsap? when I was crazy for people to read my blogs.

I Anshuman Agrawal, declare that I will display the status message “updated:” as my gtalk status message for 36 hrs during next two days (48 hours) starting from 7:00 pm 09.02.2007 to 7:00 pm 11.02.2007 (1 am to 5 am time out). On both days, for any 2 hrs (except prime slot i.e. 8 pm to 11 pm) I have the right to change the status message to anything else. But if the status message, asked by Amrit Vatsa is changed at any other time, this contract will be regarded invalid.

After the end of the above mentioned period, Amrit Vatsa, resident of 345 Narmada Hostel, roll no CE03B051 shall offer me chocolate fantasy in CCD. The expected cost is Rs. 36. Any increase in cost shall be born by me.

Ah – IIT, where art thou? I am seriously going to a CCD in Bhubaneswar today, si there, close my eyes and travel back in time recollecting all the nice time spent with all the nice people in the IIT CCD.

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