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New Running Track

Started from my guest-house in Shahid Nagar (bottom-left) and ran till the Puri Canal (top-right – marked with ‘END’). During the return-run, I took breaks so that I could capture some early morning shots of the canal, the river south of it, Sapta Sati Mandir and couple of NH5 shots. I also found a cute small garden on the other side of the highway bang opposite my guest-house. Behind the garden there lies another newly built white temple that looks quite soothing. You can click here or on the map to see all the early morning pics, but the following three are my favourite vertical shots:

And before I end – like many of you, Iam too extremely sad for what’s happend and what’s happening in Mumbai right now. Fuck these terrorists. Fuck them all.

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hmm..nice pics..
and btw..the track looks reallly loong..u’ve got awesome stamina i guess..
for the terrorists part.. i heard goa is on high alert too..and BITS-Goa is in the even more dangerous zone.. me going to goa in dec and frm there to mood i..i hope these recent happenings dunn ruin my plan…

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