Shit – an year passed by!

Shitoon was launched on 06 November 2007 under the influence of couple of bottles of beer, as I sat in room number 345 in Narmada. Sho far sho good. I would have felt happier had I touched the magic figure of 100. But I am happy I pulled off even 74 – given that I usually get bored with things.

The idea had always been to make fun of things, make fun of people, make fun of religion, make fun of bloggers and so on and so forth. More than that, most of the times, the idea had been to make fun simply of myself. Sometimes Shitoons happened to be funny, and probably most of the times they were plain shitty. Yet, I continued. A year passed by. What now?

I guess I will continue. I will continue to laugh out loud on myself and everyone else. Let more shit happen. Let more Shitoons come. And to all those, who ever liked any Shitoon, and who ever left any comment, thank you so much! 🙂

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I haven’t read all of them, but, the one I liked the most was the one where a cat swears at a guy who meows at it. The shittiest one, I believe, was “Pole”. Shitoon, as a series, has been really interesting and as funny as any cartoon series that adorns newspapers. (Of course, some like Calvin & Hobbes are at a different level altogether) A great start and hope Shitoon culminatews into something even better and gets an even larger audience in its second year.

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