11 more days to go

In South India it was celebrated yesterday. In North, today is Diwali. It’s 12 Am now – yes, Diwali has just begun.

It’s so good to be busy with your work and leave the rest on God (God – the invisible force and a part of your own self that controls things that the physical part of yours cannot otherwise). It also could have been the force of those who wished for me. Whatever be the reason – the Passport is all mine now.

Dad was delighted to let me know early in the day that he had received it. So far so good. So who would bring it to me? Well, I convinced dad to come to Kolkata on Diwali. Diwali was a holiday after all. πŸ™‚ He agreed. Then I convinced mom to join him. She agreed too. πŸ™‚

Yayyy!! So it really isn’t going to be a lonely Diwali after all. In the morning, I shall fly to Kolkata. Later in the afternoon,Β  I shall go receive my parents and will probably go for a city tour after that. Wednesday morning should see me in the UK Visa office, where hopefully work from my end shall be over as far as getting a Visa is concerned. The same afternoon, I shall see off my parents and in the evening I shall fly back to Orissa. Back to work.

To beat the temperature of Britain, I purchased a suit today – just the cloth part that is. The shop-tailor has promised to keep it ready for trial on Thursday. Heh, my first suit. It better keep me warm there, if theΒ  Visa comes on time that is. And in case, I have to cancel this trip, I wonder what use this suite will have? I wonder why people in India wear suits in summer – to show off wealth? Crazy world.

Let me end this post on a naughty note – it’s fun to watch porn through a projector – especially if you also get a chance to play with yourself. After all, all the good things appear so big and with no one around, they are all yours. πŸ˜›

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nice to know that ur parents will be visiting u on diwali..i hope u have a great time….happy diwali..

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