The new resolution and guiding principle of life

Let me get back to the question that I had left unanswered. Why did I book my tickets in an AC coach for traveling? Before trying to answer it, let me also highlight the irony of such an action vis-a-vis the fact that I have stopped using the AC in room. The irony is that by not using AC here at the guest-house in Bhubaneswar, I don’t save any money from my pocket. The company afterall, takes care of all the bills. On the other hand, for booking the train-ticket, I had to pay from my own pocket. In other words, any reasoning that justifies my travel day before, is bound to render my non usage of Ac at guest house, a funny, useless and an utterly insignificant act, even by own standards.

To answer the question raised in the first line of the preceeding para, I need to ask myself another question, already discussed before in previous posts: why don’t I use AC in my guest house at the first place? My last answer was: I don’t want money to spoil my lifestlye. There I go! When I booked the AC train ticket, didn’t I do exactly that – spoiling my life-style? If such a trend continues, how much time will it take before I become used to traveling in AC, before I become a slave of this habit? I let myself fall for the advantages that money can bring to a person! So, without any defense, let me accept: it was not right, especially after me already having made a decision to lead a simple life. I cannot have dual approach to life. I accept my mistake and take a pledge to not repeat it.

So, this becomes the new resolution and guiding principle of life: I shall never travel in AC coaches, irrespective of however money I have, as long as the reason is not beyond plain personal comfort. I have added the “as long as..” condition here because there might be a case or two in future when the reason for getting a ticket booked in an AC coach might have nothing to do with my own comfort (for example a group booking by company, non-availability of seat in other coaches etc., while traveling with parents / grand – parents who might feel comfortable in AC).

Wow! Self-doubt melted away so quicky, leaving such a satisfied soul. Thinking good is so easy. Being good is a continuous effort. May God be with me (and by God, I refer to that part of me, which is formless but which has powers beyond the limited powers of my physical self – the body and the mind).

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i tried not talking to u but the selfish me just can’t help it…maybe i aint tryin hard enuf!

thankfully i hv ur blog to communicate wid u…unless ofcourse u start arraigning me against posting comments on ur blog….

hmm…i don’t understand why you have to be in such a dilemma on travelling in an A/C coach..
comfort is not the only reason that people decide to travel in air-conditioned compartment.. there are security issues as well …and not to forget the weather…
there was no need to think so much abt it in my opinion…

Beta Prachi, baat ko samjha kar. 🙂

Vohi to maine likha hai na – ki as long as the reason is not only personal comfort, I wont take AC trains.

But agree with you, jyaada soch ke kuch nahi hone vaala hai. 🙂 And you are becoming a regular commentor.. kya baat hai! Blogshit ki aadat pad rahi hai kya teko? 🙂

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