I miss my dad


Every time I see this ad, I miss my dad. Love you papa.

On an unrelated note, why do some people take so long to realize that they are in love? And if they really aren’t in love, what’s stopping them?

You know which are the days I don’t like? When I have worked hard all day I hate to feel water inside my eyes. Do I have any reason to be sad?

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I will comment when i learn to understand relationships. i am not ignoring them but yes i agree i am also not trying to understand them. hope i get the meaning some day. someday.

anyway, when is the next plan to delhi?

I was like that for few seconds. So chill pill. 🙂 But yeah drink we shall, whenever we meet again!

And congrats to you for the goood news!! 🙂 Maine bola tha na? 🙂

what’s stopping them?
it could be fear of hurting a close one in the long run, uncertainty of the future, a hurting past, higher priorities, it could even be a social cause!

love can’t be expressed in a whim…that would be utterly irresponsible and short sighted…admittance of love can’t be always has to be consciously felt over an extended period of time to realize its depth…

some things are best left to time….

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