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Delhi, Tie and Running

The air ride today was the bumpiest that I have ever had. It was raining neither in Bhuv when I left the city nor in Delhi when i reached here. So, it’s strange why the weather during the journey was bad enough to keep giving jerks every now and then.

I guess I never took an evening/night flight before. Delhi from up above looked awesome in the night. The zillions of lighted dots spread everywhere sparked like diamonds. Oh, what a beautiful sight it was. It was enchanting.

Achcha, did I tell you that I have started wearing a tie? It’s a red-brown 45 degrees stripes design. I got one for myself last Saturday and have been putting it on since Monday. Why? Generally. No one else in office wears one.  But I like it, so I wear.

It’s one in the morning. I plan to crash in another half an hour (or less), get up at 5:30, after four hours to say, and run till I find IIT Delhi’s entrance (guess it’s very close). Then I shall run inside. The idea is to see the campus (never been here before) and at the same time keep running for 1 hour (to ensure I cross 9k at least).

Small life. So many things to do. Daudna to padega. 🙂

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This is sharon from The indian express.
could I have your email id please. This is about an article on webcomics. Thanks.

Well i feel iitd sahi laga hoga especially the football ground and the long run around the ground .By the way if you get time go to Morrisons (pub ) in South Ex.

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