I just hope it helps

Dil Kahe Ke Aaj To Chupa Lo Tum Panahon Mein
Ke Daar Hai Tum Ko Kha Kho Doonga
Dil Kahe Sambhal Zara, Khushi Ko Na Nazar Laga
Ke Daar Hai Mein To Ro Doonga

It still is the song of the season. 🙂 Life still goes on. I still run. MB still sucks.

Couple of criminals killed some Hindu Swami and his chelas in some village in Orissa day before yesterday. A bandh was declared yesterday. All of us wanted to go to office and work. We couldn’t. Even the court couldn’t run yesterday because the lawyers joined the bandh.

I read in newspapers that a Christian organization orphanage was torched and a woman burnt to death. Rumors were around that they were Christians who had shot the Swami. What a wonderful way of taking revenge! Even if the criminals really were Christians, shouldn’t the hatred be towards criminals rather than the orphans being raised by Christians? I wonder if there is any individual/entity that can match an emotionally agitated crowd, when it comes to stupidity. When stupidity turns into cruelity, it’s even worse.

All of us need to release energy when we are pissed off, when our heart aches. Crying is one way. Shouting is one way. Killing is another.

I stick to running. I just hope it helps.

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and I write…letters to God…which I keep in my Bag till the time they die their own death…

PS. there is a slight typing error in the second line of the song

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