Guest-house and the running track

The big building in the centre that you see below on the map, contains my company guest house (two flats).


The following map shows the running track (in red) that I plan to trace tomorrow. I guess I should be able to completeĀ  the loop within an hour (the loop should be a little more or a little less than 10K). The upper E-W portion of the loop is the National Highway 5 (NH5). Every time I hit NH5 (happens within 5 minutes of beginning the run), I pass by a board which says Chennai: 2456 Kms (or some similar number) 1253 Kms. Makes me feel nostalgic.

I have run thrice in this city. The last two times, I ran from guest-house upto the end of the right N-S stretch of the loop (that you see above) and then back on the same route. It gets kinda boring to come back through the same road, hence the plan to take a ninety degree turn tomorrow (E-W), hit the Sachivalaya Marg (S-N), pass by science park, and then turn right to finally run on NH5 (W-E) to complete a nice loop.

It’s 11:40 PM. I will be getting up at five in the morning, as I did today. Too sleepy now. Good night folks. And wish that it rain tomo morning when I am on the road. Been long since I ran in rain.

Happy dreams!

Update (Wed, Aug 06): Lovely. Finished the track in exactly 1 hour: 5:26 AM to 6: 26 AM. šŸ™‚

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