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Vatsap? in Andaman: Day 4

Chalo kuch to kiya aaj, besides washing the clothes. Editing videos is fun. Presenting to all you guys and girls, escapades of day four in Andaman:

If the video takes time to stream, you can go through a brief description of day 4, lifted from Ankit’s post:

…trip to Elephant Beach (for snorkeling). We boarded a motor boat which took around 2 hrs to move beside island after island before it reached the beach.

You can swim a little further in the sea to see the exotic varieties of corals and different kinds of fish. We were given a life jacket (or tube) and a snorkeling kit. Initially the guide took us to the spot. I think it was around 30 feet deep and 100 meters away from the beach. And even at that dept, the base of the sea was clearly visible and I could see huge colorful corals and many different kinds of fish. It was like; I was floating on the surface of a gigantic aquarium. First time ever I saw a coral; and fishes swimming around and below me was a wonderful life time experience! (There was a huge black fish and it did scare me a lot).

Later that afternoon we returned back to our resort. Me and my friend toured around the island on a motor bike, while others were taking rest. Evening time was spent looking at the wonderful scenes at the harbor and we did little shopping before going back to our resort.

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