I so wish

Tonight was so like one of those several nights spent in IIT hostel when I sat with friends drinking and smoking and tripping over the most vague things over which anyone could trip. Tonight I boozed with my colleagues in the guest house. A senior manager threw an informal party. He had reached Bhuv today itself and shall be leaving tomo. Tonight for the first time in Bhuv, I am awake till 12:30 AM.

As your rank in the company ascends, you are required to travel more and more. Good or bad, that’s how life is. I had loads of whiskey and I guess I am slightly drunk right now. I am sure I had a point to make in this post but I am not sure what the point it. What I am also sure is that I won’t be running tomorrow morning. Oh wait, I suddenly recall. There is a good news.

Anshuman called up sometime back to tell me that he could move to Bhuv for some time, probably a month and a half. I so wish that happens. I so wish.

Update (Thu, Aug 07 2008): Good news was short lived. Anshuman not coming. 🙁

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