In-house gym!

Hurray! The other flat in the guest house has gym-equipments in the hall. I found out yesterday morning itself. After coming back from office in the evening, I gymmed. Loved it. Nice, I say. So far the only way I had been working out here in Orissa was by doing push-ups on the floor and pull ups by hanging over racks and shelves. I was missing lifting dumbells evern since I came here but now things look bright.

I took a different running route today and ran for a little over 45 minutes. As I was on the return journey, a school going kid in white uniform, riding a cycle, smiled at me and gave me a thumbs-up. Nice, I say. It always feels nice when strangers smile at you. It feels nicer to smile back. As terrorists are working their ass off to induce terror, it’s smile that we need on our faces. It’s smile that we need to let them know that such mother-fucking acts won’t terrify us. It will only makes us hate them. Fuckers. Talking about smiles, a caricature usually does that well. 🙂

In my free time, I have been finishing off caricature requests. Loads of them had assembled over a period when I didn’t have too much time to myself. Many requests are still pending but I hope to clear all of them by this weekend. All the best to me.

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yea smiles REALLY work…I have sooooooooo many ‘smile’ friends…often meet them on my way to work 🙂

i guess all it takes to make a banal day beautiful is lots of people smiling at you and you can’t stop smiling back at all those beautiful(hearted)people…

keep smiling……… 🙂 😎 😀 😛 😆 :mrgreen:

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