New life begins

I had never cried inside a plane before. Not that I am a frequent flyer – but still – had always seen flying as a happy experience. Not today. The fact that I am leaving Chennai all of a sudden, for about a year (or who knows, even more than that!), is full of emotions and sentiments. My eyes remained watery the entire night. I hardly slept. I will miss my kitchen in the (Chennai) flat. I will miss my flat. I will miss all the pubs around. I will miss the sabji-shopping with Tiwari. I will miss Tiwari. Loly. Theater. The presence of IIT not so far away. All the IITians out there, most of them, my beloved juniors.

Missing. Missing has always been a part of life. So has being sentimental.

New life begins. Bhubaneswar, welcome me.

I am sitting in a lounge inside Bengaluru International Airport. Finally free wifi works. It didn’t work in Chennai. It had not worked in Kolkata.

This airport is huge, new and shining. For the first time I used an airobridge. There’s a CCD right in front of me, and another one right behind. I can see an Odyssey book-store to my right. I don’t know about the prices of books in that store yet. I have about two hours in my hand to find that out though. It is 7:45 AM. The connecting flight to Bhubaneswar, leaves at 10:30. I expect higher rates compared to the outside-airport world.

The next post should be about convocation and all that, spiced up with rocking pictures and backed with old stories. Before that I need to find out a power outlet somewhere. I am sure this airport won’t disappoint me. A Sunday good morning to all my readers. Thanks everyone for the birthday cum convo wishes. Shall come back soon. Cyao.

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