Freezing in office

I am freezing at this desk. The AC is too close and the air around too cool. What an irony, the rest of the city is so hot. It’s seven pm and I guess I should leave office. Slowly but steadily, I am getting used to working in office. Today was mostly about figuring out how rural water supply has been working in a small neighbouring country to India. You know what the best part of being a real consultant is? You don’t just study. You use it. 🙂 Life is good and I am hungry. Bye bye. Shit, still haven’t decided what to cook tonight, should figure out in the auto. Cyao.

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there always is something on which someone or another is working. i went and offered my services to a co-employee and did some work for the presentation he was working on.

hyee! ive been reading ur posts here from almost a year nd before dat ur posts at blogger..u r top-notch! 🙂 cheers!!!!!!!!

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