Basically, I have been eating

Now I know that you need to cut down large sized potatoes into smaller pieces before dumping them inside a cooker for boiling, or else, only the periphery softens while the core still remains hard. Now I also know that you cannot cook daal without turmeric powder. Since the past two days, I haven’t been eating outside. Yes, there is nothing much in life these days besides cooking (or rather, learning to cook), working out and going to rehearsals.

I get bored otherwise, feel lonely, think about her, wait for Tiwari to come back, sleep a lot, and check my mail every alternate day, mostly to find out when is my project viva. Without net in my flat, I have plenty of time with myself. Plenty of time, that I love wasting away. Except when I am cooking or eating may be.

Day before yesterday, I ate so much and so fast that yesterday when I got up, my tummy’s diameter had almost doubled. It was the gas. Soon loose motions began. On a regular day in IIT, I would have gone empty stomach. Yesterday, I quickly got myself pills, got rid of the acidity and stomach-upset, then cooked more food and ate. LOL! What has happened to me?

I like Reliance Fresh. I like weighing my vegetables myself. I like the idea of picking up kitchen stuff just as one would pick clothes from Pantaloons. It so gives me my own space. And what a relief it is, not to try to bargain. Since I can speak Tamil only as good as a fish can speak any human language, I love the kind of shopping that needs the least of my vocal muscles to flex. Yes, Reliance Fresh works out for me like hell. Hell, they even got eggs! ๐Ÿ™‚

I guess I am hungry again. And I guess I am bored with potatoes and eggs. Let me go buy some new veg. Take care of your health friends. Adios.

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PRO!!! Someday I’ll drop by and taste it all. Im a BIIIIIIIIIIG foodie!! ๐Ÿ˜€
I sure think you are a free lucky man. Try sitting in an IIT Lab with only defunct machinery for company and the endless wait for the prof to spare some time and drop by… Cooking is blissful!
Yes, I loved reliance fresh too..I think its something about the way they display suddenly feel like cooking and turning into a full-time house-maid. Happened to me last summer!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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