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Settling down…

…takes its own time. I used my kitchen for the first time today. Cooked maggi. Also, I finally have water inside the flat.

The Pondicherry show was a con. There was no audience! Technically it was yet another rehearsal and nothing more than that. But then, we had real stage and real green room and real lights. So, it was a nice rehearsal with full props and costumes and all that. I hope the show in Bangalore turns out to be good. Let’s see.

You remember the last post where I wrote that I had to go pick mangoes from my bro? Man, that day was doomed. I reached Central and waited for two long hours for the train to come. I met my bro and he handed me my stuff. Then he asked me to see some videos on his laptop that he had edited and he, in the meantime, went off to get himself biryani. Now, usually that train halts for half an hour. Usually.

That day, it left off much early. A fellow passenger saw the train moving and alerted me. I paused the video, placed down the laptop on the seat and rushed towards the boggie door. Before I could jump off, I realized I had forgotten to pick my mangoes. I came back, picked them up and then rushed towards the gate again, with greater speed this time. Finally, I managed to jump off through the moving train which to my relief hadn’t yet picked too much speed.

I started walking in the opposite direction, looking for my bro. He must have jumped inside some other boggie, I thought. I kept looking for him, in every boggie that passed by. The last boggie passed by finally and I could not spot my brother. Oh wait, I had spotted him. There he was. Running.

He was running on the platform, chasing the train. Awesome! So well, he missed the train. He had tried to run harder but it was too late. He now had one packet of biryani and I, another one, of mangoes. The laptop, with the paused movie was still lying on his seat, with its flaps wide open. All his remaining luggage and especially his share of mangoes were inside the train too. Something had to be done.

Another train was to leave for Bangalore in another half an hour. He took that train. As he found a seat near a window, two more buggers showed up to give him company. And guess what? They had missed the same train! It’s such a relief to know you are not the only fool around, isn’t it? The good thing was that they had a friend inside the train that had left. Of course that friend had a cell-phone. Phew!

So finally after paining these dude’s friend, and an uncle and a cousin in Bangalore, my bro’s luggage reached the city, safely, and before my bro. This was his trip to Bangalore for his internship by the way. And you thought I was the only one who was jinxed when it came to internships? 😛 Well, I guess it just is in the family! 😀

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