First house in Chennai

I sit in a cyber-cafe again. Last time it was in Kolkata where this happened. This time it’s Chennai itself. Chennai, the city that saw me change from a vulnerable boy to a comfortable man.

Yesterday morning, I checked out a house in T. Nagar, liked it enough, paid security money by afternoon and got some luggage shifted from the hostel room to this new place by evening (all thanks to Tiwari). I crashed off yesterday night in my new house. Alone.

Yesterday night, it marks the beginning of a new life in Chennai.

Allright, enough of the boring stuff. Here’s the interesting bit. I got up in the morning and rushed to insti to get some official work done. When I reached my room, I realized that I had left my hostel room key back in the house. Now, my laptop and some other stuff were still lying in the hostel room. I almost felt like breaking the lock but then decided to come back, do some cleaning-sheaning of the new place and then go back to insti in the evening, with the key this time. So far so good. I came back. Guess what? They key was lost. I just could not find it anywhere! Wonderful.

So well, yeah, I should go back to my hostel room and break open the lock. Clap clap. Is there a worse time to lose your room keys but when you are shifting from one place to another?

Is this what the crow had wanted to tell? Crow-shit!

By the way, this nearest cyber-cafe is bang on Mount road and its costly: 20 bucks for an hour. I might have to reconsider my decision to stick to a net-free life inside my house.

Take care thou sweet readers. I shall keep you updated and entertained. Right now, let me go buy a screw-driver so that I can make my way to my own room (the lock is small and I am sure I can crack it with a screw-driver). And before that I also need to go to Central to collect mangoes that my mother has sent through brother. His train goes to Banaglore but halts in Chennai for a good half an hour.

Chalo then, milte hain ek chote se lock ke baad. Ok. Ok. Sorry for the bad PJ. Bbye!

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‘Chennai, the city that saw me change from a vulnerable boy to a comfortable man.’Applies to me too. Thanks for suggesting me a defence against all those people who despise Chennai and force their convictions on me. I never knew how to put this more appropriately. And yes, I love Chennai. I dont get this sentimental that often! πŸ˜›

Yes it was cheaper in Kolkata at 10 bucks an hour and so is the rate in Patna or Deoghar. But then, since I am earning, it won’t really hurt I guess.

Use the thinnest possible lock and there is always a hacksaw available with some hostel secretary. Thats the only time when all that carpentry shit from first year used to help me.
But now that you are all done I guess this info is unnecessary. Never mind.

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