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Making of another portrait

I don’t know how but I ended up watching loads of time-lapse videos on youtube today. About two years ago, I had shot a time-lapse video of myself making a pencil portrait. Today I felt like shooting once more (bro has finally returned my cheap camera after two years). There is just one difference. Unlike the last time, I did not have the enthusiasm to draw grid-lines. So yeah, I went ahead with total freehand, bindaas, and must say, didn’t do a bad job at all. Enjoy the video though what else it is but chumma shelf-shag. 😀

Update (June 27, 2008): the portrait

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Put more fundaes on how to take such videos, condense them, softwares, and more importantly help me move my blog. You said you would help…

And, neat header. Probably the best one so far.

All you need for making such videos is a cheap web-cam. All these web-cams come with free softwares which helps you take time-lapse images and save the entire set as a video.

And about moving your blog, let’s begin with step 1. Think of a nice url you want for your blog and then buy it. Try using to purchase the domain name. Once done, I will let you know what to do next. 🙂 ATB.

i like the way your fingers bring vibrant life on the deathly pale white canvas… 😉


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