On dreams

The stupid thing about dreams is that they are good only as long as they still are dreams. Once you get, in real, what you always wished to get hold of (that girl, that car, that degree, that bank-balance, that recognition), the magic is lost; gone.

Sometimes I think there is no greater joy than striving for something, for someone. There is no greater joy than dreaming.

Suddenly I feel like marrying someone so that every time I return home (which by the way hasn’t been finalized yet: the home I mean, not the marriage), I have that one woman to open the door (assuming she returned from work before me), who I can smile at, bang, talk to and listen to, feeling good about everything at the same time. And I already know that the idea of imagining a life like that is way superior to reality itself (if and whenever it happens). Reality gets boring after a while. Dreams don’t.

Happy dreaming everyone.

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so now ur moving on dreams…so far u always advocated the reality and the utter amount of shit in it..
Dreams are always good…they give us hope..the ray of life..

“they give us hope..the ray of life..”

I think, day-dreams do that! Besides, do you really DREAM of being something or achieving something? I am talking about the night dreams. I have never had a single DREAM about me joining some kickass university, I think/day-dream bout it.

For Gilly: Hmm.. I never realized I had been advocating reality as such(although there is no doubt regarding it being full of shit 😛 ). I don’t know. If you feel that way, I probably could have been.

But the intention of this post at least, was not to ‘advocate’ dreaming. No, I didn’t mean to say, stop living in real and start dreaming. I only wanted to highlight that how almost all the time, dreaming things up and living in illusions of future is way more appealing than the real things themselves, when you finally get them. The kick that you get when you think/dream how wonderful your life would be, how happy you are going to be, when you achieve that one thing, or find that one person, and things like that, is something which is always more than the way life is going to be in real even when you dreams come true.

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