VWTS1: The fake runners

Crazy idea. Let’s see how it takes off. Sometime back, someone told me I could make a good stand up comedian. It’s time I tried. 😛

Oh yeah, by the way, VWTS= Vatsap? with the show (so creative no? 😛 )

Plz don’t kill me if you don’t like me or my confused accent. I would love feedbacks though. 🙂


16 replies on “VWTS1: The fake runners”

This is not stand up comedy. you sounded like Nikhat Kazmi or any other movie critic.

Hit it hard with soft punches when going for a standup act.

Suggestion. name it vatsays!!

painfully depressing…lacklustre content…HATED the accent, wud be nice if you could tone it down a lil bit 😡 …u can surely do better than this, Amrit!

looking forward to see more quality content n REAL humor on ur show…

P.S. don’t mind if my comment comes across as too harsh, ur video caught me in an extremely battered mood 🙁

Get somebody to write for you dude. (same holds for shitoon.) You can act, you can paint, but i am sorry vatsap — you dont write well enough to match your acting or your drawing. Btw, why didnt you stick to hindi? This wouldve been so much funnier in hindi.

now you are simply being presumptive…iterate, improvise; you can only get better with practice and perseverance 🙂

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