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Vatsap? in Andaman: Day 2


And as you wait for the above video to stream, following are some of the things that you shouldn’t miss in the video:

  • how I discover the connection between telephone and God
  • why bricks in Andaman are different
  • how Ankit finds a tribal hut owner
  • how we find two freedom-fighters who are still in prison
  • how Ankit faces ghosts inside gallows
  • evolution of human beings from apes

2 replies on “Vatsap? in Andaman: Day 2”

total phun 🙂

bolti hui eetth aur telephone table par ganeshji ki murti 😀 happens only in India 😀

looks like Ankit listens to u religiously 🙂

laashe tapakti thi??? hahaha….:D

btw, that ape-guy really resembled u 😛

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