Chennai, Port Blair and Havelock

I wanted to work in Bangalore. I was asked to work in Hyderabad. Another friend joining the same company, who wanted to work in Hyd was asked to work in Chennai. Now this dude really wanted to work in Hyd. He asked me if we could swap and I didn’t mind. For me, there are two citites: Bangalore and non-Bangalore. Hyd or Chennai, same.

So yeah, he got the swapping bit done and now phrands, I shall work nowhere else but in Chennai. It’s time to find a house and buy all those things that go inside a house. Plenty of time to do that between 25th of this month to 14th of next when I actually start working.

I am thinking of a Ladakh trip. Prachi wants me to go home. Anyway let me at least put down some words for my Andaman trip. Of course I know a picture speaks a thousand words and a video probably a mega-thousand but real words still do matter, don’t they?

Port Blair

We lived in North PB, near Phoenix Bay jetty in Megapod guest house. Nice place, good home made food. Everything in town that needs to be seen is south from there except a saw mill. The museums are stupid and have been created solely for the purpose of giving tourists reason to waste time doing nothing. Cellular jail in downtown PB is good (check out the day 1 video tomorrow).

There is a nice beach called Corvin Corbyn cove beach in south east PB. You can take an auto or a taxi from the main market. There is another beach, but double the distance from the market. It is called Wandoor. It isn’t a great beach (okay kinds) but from there you can find many boats which can take you to close by islands and help you do snorkeling.


This is a small sweet island forty kilometers away from PB. 100 seaters take about two hours to reach and 600 seaters take about 4-5 hours. You can get tickets on the spot (if available) or in advance from a nice reservation counter in Phoenix Bay jetti.

From the jetti in Havelock, the market is 3-4 kilometers away. From the market one road leads to Radhanagar Beach (beach no.7) and another one leads to beach no. 5. There is no place to stay if you take the road that leads to beach no. 7 but one which is friggin costly. So try staying in the best place that you find as close to the market as you can. Almost all the hotels and huts, are beach facing. The beach in the resort where we stayed was no less a swimming pool (again, wait till video comes).

I ran in Havelock. 12 Kms. Nice fun except that there were a million dogs in the morning who got disturbed by a running human and barked at him all through the run. Fuckers.

Boats come and pick you up directly from your backyard and can take you to several islands nearby for amounts varying from 1000 bucks to 2500 bucks. The second day in Havelock saw a journey in smooth sea and we enjoyed snorkling near elephant island. The third day however gave panic attack to everyone as the boat went up and down and right and left in open rough sea, on our way back from some far way island called South Button. And believe me, there’s nothing worse than riding a small unbalanced boat in an ocean with a bunch of folks who can’t swim and with a drunk dad. I guess dad was the only one totally aloof from the frightening waves that kept sending salty water inside the dungi.

All in all, had a blast. By the way Port Blair and Havelock make up only South Andaman. One needs more time in hand to be able to visit northen regions like Mayabunder and Rangat famous for turtle beaches. If anyone of you planning a trip there, let me know. I might have tips to give.

So yeah, should I go to Ladakh?..

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U’ll love Leh-Laddak. I went there 3 years back and had a great time. I know people who go there regularly on their bikes.

My dad was posted there so we had no problems regarding out stay and transport. U might want to check that out before u go. And this is the right time to go. THe weather will be nice and quite plesant.

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