Food review: Mash, Chennai

If you are a non-vegetarian in Chennai, you just HAVE to eat meat at Mash on Beasant Nagar Chennai (Prachi, if you happen to read this, please leave the name of the exact item that I had yesterday, as a comment). This eating joint is one first floor, facing the main beach road and is located extremely close to Pupils (two or three buildings away towards north). There is an outside seating area (which can take like 10-15 people) and an inside one (which I guess can take in more).

It’s just lovely to sit there, in the open area, fagging, staring at the wooden conical ceiling and those cute lights hanging from it, facing the beach and the evening wind that exists at the beach, and eating the extremely yummy food that they serve (and serve fast). Two of us ate for something slightly more than 200 bucks and believe me I could not finish my rice-chicken dish completely in spite of it being so delicious. They feed you up. Good quantity.

Any negative? Well yes, it’s a small place. I won’t recommend it if you are like going in a bunch of 15. Everyone wants to be there, so if you are not lucky, you just won’t get a table too fast. We were just two of us and didn’t have to wait, but I could see many others waiting outside. Also, sometimes their card-reader doesn’t work so keep cash with you.

PS: All day today, and half of all day tomorrow, I would be in a train. Will you believe that instead of taking with me a fiction or a non-fiction to read, I am carrying a text-book called Cost Benefit Analysis Concepts and Practice? 🙂 Anyway, it’s 5:20 AM and my train leaves Chennai at 9 in the morning so I guess I should start packing and all that. Shit, I forgot to take a print out of the ticket. May God and TTE be with me. You don’t worry about all that. You just go to Mash and eat. Adios.

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Yeah, Mash serves good food; even vegetarian but I puked the first and only time I ate there though. 😀
PS: Finally, a positive food review and I just had to ruin it. Feels right.

➡ when I last left Chennai I remembered at 3.45am that I din’t have a printout of the ticket.. and it was a sunday.. but the train was at 1.. so I managed..

Have fun…! err.. I meant phun 😀

Hey.. am bak in blogosphere!! rem my review blog 🙂

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