Running, working, not been fagging, eating three times and sleeping 6 hours a day. Work somehow always brings me on track, except that it is never sustained. Guess, beauty lies in this itself. Consistency is boring. Consistency lacks fun.

Did i just say fun? A true Bihari will never say fun. Yes, he will say phun instead. Sometimes I don’t like the fact that I don’t speak like a true Bihari. True Biharis are conzurbative, shentimental, intaylizent and country peepool. Sometimes I miss being a true Bihari. Ok, this bakar is getting meaningless. Let me change the topic.

Am I funny or do I try to be funny?

Talking about fun, comments on AB’s blogposts are a consistent source, except that to find those 10 comments that make you laugh, you have to go through 400 of them. I had the enthusiasm initially; seeing it fade. When I get hungry for humor now, I find it easier to eat some stuff at (home|about). Thank you Leela for making me check out this humorous site; have subscribed to it.

Oh yeah. The company which hired me to work for it has posted me in Hyderabad. It’s time to make friends with some true Hyderabadi’s now. I start working from 30th June which is a Monday; should reach the town by Saturday; should get drunk on Sunday; drunk like mad. Oh no wait. 29th June is a Sunday and that’s my sister’s birthday and my sister lives (studies) at a place from where you get a bus every hour, to reach Hyd in 3 hours. Shit. That basically means that either I will have to go to her college or she will come to Hyd. In both cases, she is so gonna stick to me all Sunday. Ah, the beer plan got fucked up so fast. Or do you think I should lure her into drinking too (yes I know she doesn’t drink). Will decide later. Depends on my mood that day.

Talking about her, I will miss her in Andamans.

Yes boss, I just said ANDAMANS. My weird dad (the reason why I love him) suddenly came up with this plan to do sun-bathing in Andaman in the summer of June and thought it would be nice to drag the entire family along. Lucky sis won’t be able to come because she has some external lab exam and all that.

I am leaving for Kolkata tomorrow morning to reach there on Sunday. Dad, his wife and her son will join me in Kolkata. On Monday, bro, his mom and her husband, all fly to Port Blair. 8th, I fly back to Chennai in black skin (everyone else flies back to Culcutta, and the black-skin goes without saying for them too).

Culcutta sounds so much better than Kolkata, no? Just because Bengalis can’t pronounce ‘a’ like everyone else (bus is called boss, rusgulla is called rossogulla and so on in Bongaal), was it necessary for them to force everyone else to say kolkata? Idiots. Culcutta. Culcutta. Culcutta. Kiss my ass you Knight Riders. On a different note, Knight Riders ‘sounds’ so suggestive, doesn’t it? Horny SRK; couldn’t come up with any thing better. Idiot.

By the way, did you know that the word ‘idiot’ was an accepted medical term in the 19th and the 20th century used for any person with a very severe mental retardation or a very low IQ level? You know now.

Wanna know something else? I already have a running route in mind for Andaman! There is this nice little island near Port Blair called the Havelock Island, where there is one main road, about 10 Kms long. Yeah, only ten kilometers. So I would start from one end on one of the mornings that I am there and reach the other end, running. And when that’s done, I would probably dive into one of the seven beaches that are there in that island (heard beach no. 7 is ulti-sexy) and kiss some sand. Sounds fun, already. Oops, phun I mean.

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Ah! talk to me about it…!!!
It took me so long to understand that a man was trying to explain a “shuttle valve” and another funny word was “popular” 😀

The problem is not with pronouncing ‘aa’ like dada, bhaalo, bhakra, bungla etc.

The problem is with pronoucing ‘a’ (the sound, not the letter)the way it would sound in bus, cup, sun, fun, gun. Bengalis would always say: boss, cop, sown, phone, gone. Got it?

It’s hard to hide the giggles at times esp if it’s a prof.
The site is good. Especially for unofficial leisure-breaks at work. 😉
Yeah, saw that you have subscribed. Feels like spam. 😡

kya …..hyderabad bole tum….fikar nako karo miyaan…tumhare ko hyderabad secunderabad pura ghumatoon ….aur saath mein milke apan spcl hyderabadi chicken biryani khaenge …tum ungliya chaat te rahjatein….aatun mein intern khatam karke …thoda sabr karon tum

see u in hyd soon 😀

Even I wish at times I could speak like a “true Bihari”! I DO have that “sing-song” tone of speaking though… so that people know I hail from the great Laloo-land, the moment I open my mouth! :mrgreen:

Have “phun” at the ulti-sexy beach! 😉

Hey, it’s a pleasure to know that u’ll be coming here, to Hyderabad. Btw, I’m the same guy who had asked for some info on Ladakh. I’m back and needless to say, it was awesome.

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