Hilarious comments on Amitabh Bachchan’s blog: 2

please bless my daughter s.krithika for success in her board exam.with sisterly affection s.mala

Isn’t it like too early to ask for blessings ‘sister’? It’s just May for God’s sake! But anyway, I guess if you really want his blessings then make Krithika watch at least one movie of his, daily. If she does so, religiously, then I am sure that she will get more than 90% in her board exam (Aaswhirwaad chahiye to pooja to karni hi padegi, hai ki nahi?). But if she wants more than 95%, she should make at least six of her friends to do the same. If she doesn’t do it, Amitabh’s ghost will haunt the entire house and she along with her future children will fail all exams. Don’t ignore this message.

with all my love & respect always always always.
from your second daughter
salwa moukhtar (EGYPT – CAIRO)

Second daughter!! Shit! Amitabh, ye kab kiya boss? Ram Ram!

Office main aate hi, PC on karte hi, I firstly opned your Blog…Aur jab tak khol na lu tab tak chain nahi aata…….Its really amaging for me…

Aur kholne ke fauran baad, chain aa jaata hai aur phir Chain mujhe do thappad laga ke kehta hai, ‘saaley, kuch kaam bhi kar le madarchod’. Amitabh, Chain mujhe naukri se to nahi nikaalega na?

I am a simple man with mediocore needs but i dream big..dream of meeting you.

Bow to you for dreaming so big man! Full respect! You just left Dhirubhai Ambani behind! What dream can be bigger than meeting the holy Bachchan himself? Will repeat: Full respect!

I think you are still a kid at heart longing for that hug, that warm affectionate pat on the back that you missed out from your parents…………. …………..Perhaps you need to see a psychoanalyst who will reveal to you the hidden regrets and remorses concealed in your psyche.

LOL! Ha ha.

…… Boom, Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna, Nishabdh. I cried for days after watching trailer of these movies

LOL! Cried for days! Amitabh, please heal this dude, who could not see you in such casanova-type roles even in the trailers! Actually, if you seriously plant to go for a psychoanalysis, take him with you too no.

In 2005 i once went to the citi bank which is next to your house. I felt nice and was standing near your house for sometime.

And then I entered the loo, and started pissing, and felt really nice that I was attending nature’s call, standing near your house!

Dear Amitabh, you need to develop the capacity to write about things other than you, your family and your daughter-in-law

Yeah, like for a change, why don’t you discuss the depreciating value of dollar? Or even better, why don’t you discuss various free softwares available on internet to convert .wmv videos to .avi format?

And now, the best comment in today’s compilations. Totally kickass!

At your son’s wedding you did not invite ANY MUSLIMS at all (not even Dilip Kumar?!), yet you accepted a daughter-in-law who has had such a long and INTENSE AFFAIR with a Muslim male (Salman Khan)- why?

Why Amitabh, Why? Jawaab do. Bolo Amitabh. Please bataao na. Hai koi jawaab? Haaiin? Arrey kum se kum Dilip Kumar ko to bulaana tha na yaar! Aise kaise?

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hahah.. awesome!! now, i need to go visit Big B’s blog.. just for the comments!!

about the free caricature service, way to go!! …soon, one of my pics will make it into your inbox 😉

The last one was the best!
I never bothered to check Big B’s blog, I’ll try to go through his now, just of catch a glimpse of the historic comments, btw, what made you so jobless to go through all through the comments?

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