I am a comedian

As a north Indian kid, your parents want you to be like the heroes of the hindi cinemas. You are allowed to be Amitabh Bachchan but you cannot dream of becoming a Mehmood. If you dress up, you should look like Shahrukh Khan and not like Johny Lever. If you ever have to mug lines from some movie, you should go for Nana Patekar’s climax speech from Krantiveer and not for what Asrani uttered in Sholay. As a north Indian kid, you live through loads of shit.

And then one day, your hands reach out for the flush. And you flush.

I flushed.

I am a comedian. I am funny to look at, and I make funnier faces. I am just another joker. There, I said it. And ah, I feel so proud of myself now.

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