Beer and work

Tasted my first canned draught beer day before yesterday in Bangalore. Tasted good. Smoother than the regular bottled beer. A 500 ml can came for 55 bucks.

Bangalore was hot during the afternoons. Chennai is worse; it’s hot 24 hours and unbearably hot in the afternoons.

I returned to insti today and now it’s work, work and work till I get my thesis done.

Work! It’s so easy to declare that you will start work from now or from today or from tomorrow. But the fucking moment you start it, you realize how annoying or how painful or how fucking difficult it is, to actually start working. Nevertheless, you do start.

With a good will power, you might stick to your work. You might keep working.

After a while, you start loving your work. You realize that you actually like doing it. Suddenly, it’s not all that hard. Suddenly you really are comfortable doing it. Time passes by. You get used to it.

After some more whiles, you get bored. That’s not a problem. Everyone gets bored. That’s okay. The problem arises when you get bored before the work is actually over. Then, nothing but a deadline can still force you to go ahead and finish it. Yes, a deadline: a line, that if crossed, will definitely leave you dead, is all you need.

My deadline -> get the thesis done by this month end.

PS: Tasted my second canned draught beer yesterday in Bangalore.

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