ASAP Funny Festival

Theater enthusiasts can catch up with the following comedy plays, all by different directors. All the plays will be performed at Sivagami Petachi Audi, Chennai from 7:15 pm in the evening.

May 16th – “COMPULSION CONFESSION INTERROGATION” by MTC Productions Directed by Mithran Devanesan

May 17th – “LOVE HURTS” by Stagefright Productions Directed by Freddy Koikaran

May 18th – “LAUGHTER WITHOUT FRILLS-4” by Masquerade Directed by KK

May 23rd – “MAHENDRA SABHA” by Theatre Nisha Direced by V.Balakrishnan

May 24th – “TWICE AROUND THE PARK” by Boardwalkers Directed by Michael Muthu

May 25th – “RUN FOR YOUR WIFE” by ASAP Directed by Amit Singh

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