Play Review: Retell

Retell was a play of six short stories performed by different actors. Here’s a quick review of all six of them.

1. Patol Babu – Film Star: The story was okay and Bala was good. Not a bad start but not too impressive. Bala can, and has, done way better things before. I would give this piece an overall rating of 4/10.

2. Bhuto: Avoidable. No one liked it for sure. I would give it 2/10. By the time this one ended, everyone’s expectations went down quite a bit.

3. The Pterodactyl’s egg: Very funny and entertaining story about a freaky guy who carried with him a small portable time machine. Naresh did a wonderful job. I would give it 5/10.

4. The Shemiran bus: Bad boring and irritating. Everyone lost track of the story. 2/10.

5. Pomegranate lady and her sons’: The 100 bucks that I paid to watch Retell was worth it all just for this single story. Sumukhi who played the old lady played it so well that you almost felt like going to the stage and hugging her. Lovely. Loved it. Everyone loved it. Straight 8/10.

6. The Encounter: Fairly good given that it was a very serious play. This probably had the maximum scope for direction because it had maximum number of actors, and this definitely was the best directed story. 5/10.

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