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How is Shaastra logo going to look like from this year onwards?

If you have an opinion, please share it with me. All you have to do is to let me know which are the two best logos from amongst the ones shown below, and if possible, you reason for picking them over others. Go ahead, leave comments.

Note, that in all the logos below, if you spot an S, it stands for Shaastra and the ‘spirit’ of engineering.


Update 10: (7:40 PM, 25 April 2008) Adding another variation of –E. I have this feeling, most will like it. It’s too the point and stands out.

Update 9: (12:43 PM, 24 April 2008) Added one more variation of –D (refer update 8). Also, presenting below a simplistic version of the combined spirit of various branches of engineering (–E), which together look like S. The red colored propeller can also be taken for red spirit. I have removed the DNA because a beaker at some level represents BioTechnology as well.

Update 8: (11:55 PM, 23 April 2008) Adding a new logo (–D) which represents the combined spirit of the various branches of engineering. Spot a gear (mechanical, nevarch), two airplanes (aero), two beakers (chem, meta), two capacitors (elec, CS), DNA cum bridge (Biotech, Civil). The overall image depicts force and spirit. The color scheme could be varied.

Update 7: (5:15 PM, 23 April 2008) blu) Adding two more designs (–C i, ii). Both have shaastra written in full. (ii) also has the reflection. As an overall image both depict the ‘spirit’ of engineering.

Update 6: (12:45 PM, 23 April 2008): Another version of (–A) added (refer update 4)

Update 5 (11:55 AM, 23 April 2008): Adding a logo submitted by Anuj (–B). Several shapes are making a Pyramid.

Update 4 (11:30 AM, 23 April 2008): Adding a look-alike of the original logo (–A) because there seems to be no consensus on the new ones proposed. This one is inspired from the escher knot, the original logo, and yet it is different enough to be registered as a new logo. It represents everything that J represents (symmetry, convergence etc.) but the best thing about this would be that, branding wise, everyone should find it easier to associate it to Shaastra.

UPDATE 3 (10: 20 PM, 22 April 2008): A (ii) added based on S’s suggestion.

UPDATE 2 (10:20 PM, 22 April 2008): Why is the logo being changed? Ans: We do not have copyright over the one we had been using so far (remember Shaastra started as an amateur event?). Now that Shaastra has become truly professional, we cannot afford, either ethically or by law to continue using a logo for which we don’t have further rights.

UPDATE 1 (10 PM, 22 April 2008): E(iii) and H (ii) added. (H (ii) added based on Sania’s comment)


Here is the list of logos, browse through them:

A. Three different forces have been shown to create S. The forces could be engineering, science, and passion.

B. Spot the red S in the tilted symbol of infinity. It also represents an endless loop.

C (i), C (ii) : This is what it is and is supposed to look geeky.

D(i), D(ii), D(iii): Any engineering involves building solutions, block by block. Also, all three are supposed to resemble the shape of letter S.

E (i, ii, iii): Two spanners meet together to create the S.

F. It’s a cube with wings of desire. The overall look is supposed to depict loads of passion.

G. Plain, neat S on flames.

H(i,ii). H (i) is totally abstract. H (ii) includes the concept of E (spanners joining to form S)

I. This is again an S. The upper black sphere contains inside it red and white spheres, which represent various streams and ideas of engineering. These small spheres roll down the red tube, get refined and enter back the black sphere from the other end.

J (i, ii, iii): Symbol of symmetry, creation, convergence of ideas. (iii) also has two spanners creating an S in the center while (ii) has two rings in the center.

K (i, ii, iii): All of them show a spanner and an arrow, trying to tell that engineering gives direction to our lives.

L. A nut-bolt combo.

M. It’s a heart that loves engineering (notice the eagle’s view of a pyramid)

That’s it. Please go ahead and let me know which is your top two, and if you can, also tell why. Thanks in advance!

PS: I have made only some of the above logos.

52 replies on “How is Shaastra logo going to look like from this year onwards?”

i will go for
E (ii) and for first one

few of them are crap and if you will finalize on those then its better to keep the logo what it is now 🙂

H is a nice design. Although it doesn’t appear to have any connect with Shaastra. Can it be worked upon ?

Ok wow! i’m impressed *pats vatsa on the mouse-pad*.
i love the concept behing most of em. here are my favs in order of ‘whoa’ness:

B: smart, simple and catchy. but a lil white line between the colors might make your idea stand out more to the ill337erate audience.

J3: love the spanners makin out look. this will look good on letterheads.

H & I : Balls! love em!

A: your profs will jack off to the ‘engineering, science n passion’ line.

Ps: i like the way you’ve executed the bolt. the cubes r interestin. do check out the new chettinad hospitals logo if yu can. i had an orgasm over it.

# E i or J ii/iii Simple and elegant.

#1 A looks simple and good…change of colors to more modern one s from the basic ones(red, blue green) would make it more appealing. the tag line of engg, science, passion would give smething for the profs and those guests to blabber abt: 😉

E for the concept.
B for the simplicity.

PS: J’ll look graceful.
PPS: None of them really excite at first sight (that is for a Shaastra logo, not for a gen logo). I went back and forth some n times before commenting. Hmpf

none of these logos match the elegance and simplicity of the current logo. instead of trying to be too ‘professional’ and changing the logo hurriedly, the right thing to do would be to try and contact mc escher foundation or whoever, and try to get their permission/enter into a licensing agreement. i’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem, given that shaastra is a not-for-profit student run event. don’t change the logo without exhausting all available options.

(p.s. i think the whole ‘professionalism’ thing is a highly misplaced and misunderstood concept in both shaastra and saarang. we should be professional in our conduct and the way we plan and execute the event, not in micro-managing and getting anal about minutiae.

i mean, for example, if you *really* want to get professional about the logo and all that, you should then start defining white space around the logo, acceptable colour combinations, lock down the cmyk values in writing, define acceptable logo use and positioning, change stationery material every time the ink fades and the colours do not match the pantone colour chart… it’s crazy. where do you draw the line and say this is where i shall start being ‘unprofessional’? i’ve seen that nearly half the time is spent in trying to be professional and the bigger picture is slowly fading away. why, there is an entire department dedicated to maintaining ‘professionalism’ in shaastra, but goes around doing it unprofessionally.

anyways, this was an off-track rant, totally unrelated with the logo selection. i just had to say it somewhere and this topic seemed apt.)

I would like to remind people who are commenting that there was never the slightest doubt about Escher knot being a great logo, and we are not trying to make one to match up to it.

@ Bubba : Escher foundation was contacted, and only after that did redesigning from Amrit begin.

@ caesar
then ok. i asked around yesterday after seeing this post and was told that you guys hadn’t contacted escher foundation, hence the comment.

G. Plain, neat S on flames. – Like the simplicity of the concept.
I. the spheres are good. the color combo is catchy.
J – resembles those feng shui/chinese restaurant logos. and the two rings resemble worldspace logo. But this one is the best of the lot.

But Vatsa, I’m sure you can do waaay better.

I like the update 5 pyramid by anuj(hula) 🙂 .
The blue blocks represent Science as the foundation.
The Orange blocks represent “Technology” using Science as foundation.
The Triangular Brown blocks are representing the common man’s contribution at every level and the two at the apex is the common man supported on the foundation of science and technology.

The different blocks united in one triangle also show convergence of all the three and show the coexistence of Science, Technology and common man and when these three things come together it leads to innovation.

I would wholeheartedly agree with bubba. Though I am unaware of the details of the exchange between escher foundation and insti, I am sure some deal can be struck. Wouldnt it in our best interest if we try it out once more?

People associate the escher knot with Shaastra and vice versa. It would be a bad decision in terms of publicity to change the logo.

@bubba,makam n rest: from what I know, the money being asked for the logo is just too much… n moving on to a new logo aint that bad.. corporates do that all the time..

@ amrit: Pardon me for being rude, but the new logo looks like a cheap lift of ‘the knot’ and isnt half as imposing or impressive… I think if we are moving away, thr shouldnt be a hint of the previous one

We tried, we tried, we tried.
They refused, they refused, they refused.
Let’s move on.
With style (now that’s where difficulty comes in.

The last place I would want to “vote” is on your website. Ask the webops coords to put it up on the students portal where everyone can access it, and not on a personal site.

Secondly, none of the logos are worth it, except the very much inspired, (kulted) Escher Like logo.

At this rate, youll either have to get it professionally done or ask the Escher foundation.

But yeah, to put it a nice way, the design team can do waaaay better

@tchtch – Every time we make a good logo, this no gradient rule comes as a spoiler..
The gradient was a problem with the last logo too; in the printing.

@amrit- It just doesn’t look good this way.
People are in love with escher’s knot b’coz it was a nicely formed 3-D figure.
We can give them another 3-D image and they will all be clapping together, but again the non-gradient version will look like a piece of shit…

The Escher-knot look alikes are TNR, they seem like spoofs, not logos

I prefer the cubes
They are abstract, and can have many interpretations

@Vatsap, have a poll 😛

i dont get it.. why do you want to change the logo?? wasnt the previous one really good? wouldve been nice if you could’ve stuck to that logo and built a brand of shaastra around it…

oops sorry shouldve read the comments first.. i think you need to put in more complications in most of these pics.. thats what was nice about the previous logo.. it had details… 🙂

D(1) – The cubes look abstract and ‘psued’. J(1), which is supposed to be the new Shaastra logo looks very average.

I have gone thru u r old posts.. The “technesha” logo looks much creative than all the above posted ones . Why can’t we use the same thing or a similiar one?

Some of the logos are really bad, some are good. I don’t think anything matches up to the old one though! (Yes, I know it can’t be used blah blah). Overall, I think the latest one is the best.

Btw I got jobless, so I came up with some arbit one. Any comments? Only spent 2 mins on it, so wont be good (Treat from my side to anyone who gets the full funda of it!)

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