On being a cell-phone deprived Kumbhkaran

I have been sleeping a lot lately. When I say a lot, read: close to sixteen hours. I think it’s time to refill the Nescafe Classic bottle.

As always Chennai has heated up like hell. It’s so hard to resist itching. Fuck the sun.

My blog’s charm seems to be dimnishing, going by the number of comments (or the lack of it). I guess everyone has been sleeping a lot lately. And sleeping soundly on that, so sound, the even the smell of phres blogshit won’t wake them up. Bloody world is full of Kumbhkarans. I think I will refill everyone’s coffee bottle. Oh, wait, who has the money? Shit, I am so broke. This month’s stipend didn’t find its way and so I have been living a life with 73 bucks in my bank account.

The problem with antique mobile models is that, when the charger blows up, the phone becomes equally useless. Anyone willing to lend me a spare cell-phone till I can buy a new one when greenery blossoms in May?

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