April ’08 bollywood movies and their names

Rakesh Roshan is producing a movie called Krazzy 4. I am sure the movie would do better business if RR renames it to ‘Chaar chutiye’ instead. Jokes apart, I was happy to realize that this man is finally making a movie which doesn’t have Hrithik in it, well, at least till the credits start rolling. Yeah, RR could not resist the temptation to totally devoid the movie of his son’s latke jhatkes. So last-last mein, he put up an expected Hrithik item number. Sigh!

Talking about movies, U me aur hum releases today. What is it with movie names these days yaar? ‘What is that Mr. and Mrs. Devgan film that’s coming shortly?’, a friend had asked some time back. I ended up throwing all possible names to her;

Tu, mai aur hum
Mai, tu aur hum
Tum, hum aur…naah..
Hum, tum aur… hum!

Finally, she figured out the actual name to the relief of both of us! Talking about U me aur hum, I am kinda sorry for Kajol ‘coz she lost her father yersterday. Bad timing. By the way, here’s a quick one: if RR made U me aur hum, what would he call it?


Krazzy 3 😛

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