End of Road Race

55 guys ran 8.9 kilometers in IIT road race. I came 29th. I suck at running, don’t I?

The guy who came first did it in 31 minutes and 7 17 seconds. The second place went to the runner who did it in 31 minutes and 40 seconds. Now, my best so far had been 44 minutes 30 seconds and today definitely wasn’t my best run (I didn’t time it today).

Seven guys from my hostel ran. I was third best among them after Tarun who placed 8th and Zero who placed 21st. By the way, Tarun was the sports sec and Zero is the sports sec.

Today’s run was about facing reality. Running for fun is easy but running to win is not. Today was my first official race ever. And guess what, I am gonna only improve. When is the next real marathon?

PS: Picture courtesy Mamme

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