Karma Trailer

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Yeah Amith did a good job with the trailer. The short film is going to be around 20 minutes long. Will let you know when and where its gonna be screened.

I’m not able to ct he trailer in office – but definitely watch it !! If I’m there for the premier I will watch it in your open theatre or else pls do mail me the short film – When are you free to discuss and give an intro to ur team ??

Sorry for not being available on gtalk too often… but I do come online sometimes..hope that you will be able to catch up with me soon..

Very nice, u seem to have acted stud :). But whats up with the “usual lifestyle”? is smoke the only signature of ur lifestyle? And if some of the actors were actually acting instead of fagging, thats pretty lame acting there 😛 . Anyways, thumbs up overall.

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