My Dell laptop’s adaptor doesn’t work any more.

Earlier in the morning, there was some high voltage moment which lasted for less than a second before power went off. Bhuckk. The adaptor and the tube-light haven’t been working after that. Whatta pain. I am lucky that nothing happened to Dellruba herself.

My project has to do a lot with electricity generation. Is someone up there, trying to suggest that if I don’t make an effective use of the facilites I have for my project, He is going to snatch them away from me? Eh, God, there are other things for which I need my Dellruba too (of course blogging tops it all). Why do you have to be so mean? Give me back my adaptor. Somebody.

Update: Realized it moments ago that even the Motorola Cell-phone charger is fucked up. Awesome! -12:20 AM, April 06 2008

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