Road Race

The last time I talked about it, I referred to it as cross country. But let me stick to the terminology road race now because that’s how they call the event here. The race is on 8th of April. I have ten more days to improve my timing. Except yesterday, I have run on all days, starting last Sunday (and of course I haven’t sucked even a drag all this while).

I had said it before I and I will repeat it again. Smoking is not an addiction. So all those who don’t smoke just because you think you will get addicted, grow up. It’s as stupid as saying I don’t want to watch TV because I will get addicted. You just have to know when to smoke and when not to.

Alright, warmed up enough. To compensate for yesterday, I took 15 laps (6kms) today. A thing about long running is that you get the tempo only after about 3-4 kilometers. You can enjoy your run and feel comfortable only after your body gets used to the tempo. In other words, those who take only 10 laps, don’t really get to feel the real joy of running. After having crossed 4, you become very comfortable with your breathing. Afterwards, you can keep running as long as the leg muscles keep functioning normally and this is where the real fun is. The only trick is to avoid injuries and that means learning to know your body well. Stretching before and after the run is a very nice way to help the muscles.

Tomorrow morning is the time to fulfill a promise that I made to myself and relive the lovely run I had months back. And I so wish that it rain tomo morning, because then it really would be re-living in the real-max sense of the word re-living.

PS: Found loads of pics of IIT road race 2006 here. Check them out.

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